A reliable and professional call center partner will provide your business not only with measurable return on investment in terms of orders processed, appointments made and customer service resolved but also the intangible benefit of protecting and enhancing your brand.

Growing your business is serious business and in our competitive global economy a dependable call center partner will provide 24/7 communications solutions that would simply be either cost prohibitive for many businesses or reduce the time you are able to spend innovating and increasing your customer base.

The quality of your client-facing business communications including caring and intelligent responses to customer inquiries and comments are an integral part of your business. Expert support furnished by a professional call center partner will create goodwill and trust with your clients and further every business’s objective – getting and keeping customers.

Customer Care:

Our skilled representatives specialize in developing and maintaining the relationships of our client's valued customers. Customer care programs vary depending upon each company's specific goals, but often include services such as customer development, as well as inbound calling campaigns. iBridge has in-depth experience handling customer care inquiries such as billing questions, product and service inquiries, and complaint resolution.

Marketing and Sales Solutions:

iBridge supports inbound sales efforts by conducting customized programs designed to acquire new customers, renew current clientele, and win back or win over targeted consumers. We can execute every phase of the sales order process, pre- and post-sale, from answering product related questions and making sales presentations to up-selling, cross-selling and order processing. All businesses require a constant flow of new leads and sales to maintain continued positive growth. Our customer marketing and sales solutions are the services needed to meet your goals, while staying within your budget

Technical Support: 

Customers increasingly demand that businesses provide technical support for their products. Technical support requires answering questions regarding the use and technology of products, providing prompt and accurate responses to complaints, handling product-related support issues, and satisfying service related concerns. This support has become a cornerstone to maintaining high customer satisfaction and achieving retention goals.




Outsource to iBridge today and focus on your core business. Our Multi-Media Contact Centre Hub is ready to manage your customer interactions while you get on with what it is you’re best at!

Our versatile facilities in Randburg South Africa provide our customers with state of the art working environments, technologies and support platforms to realise the modern day customer service demand.   

Our “In The Cloud” Omni-channel communication and CX enabling technologies remain the gold standard which we use to deliver our communication services with full redundancy and high degrees of bandwidth availability for our customers.

State of the art cloud based telephony technology is the gold standard which we use to enable our communication services with full redundancy and high degrees of bandwidth availability for our customers.



·         Excess call capacity management - overflow

·         Customer Service Help/Query desk.

·         Billing information enquiries

·         Technical support enquiries

·         Directory enquiry services

·         Financial advice and support services

·         Legal advice and support services

·         Product information and service offering support line



·         Functional Disaster Recovery & Overflow

·         Dormant continuity



·         Customer On Boarding Service

·         Customer Courtesy Call Services

·         Customer Satisfaction Indexes

·         Customer Retention Drives

·         Database Cleansing

·         Customer service; follow up initiatives



·         Direct Sales (FIAS Accredited, Telco’s, Media, Finance & Insurance)

·         Debt Collection

·         Tele-marketing & Online sales

·         Customer satisfaction indexes

·         Customer retention drives

·         Quality evaluation initiatives

·         Benchmarking studies & Market research

·         Debt collection

·         Customer information initiatives



Let us optimise your customer service strategy! We offer Professional Services aimed at maximising efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Our teams of professional Business Analysts, Project Managers, Business Process Managers, Workforce & QA Management resources and technology platform engineers identify business challenges and recommend appropriate and relevant solutions.



·         Business process analytics and re-engineering.

·         Business intelligence reporting through from process discovery and process deep dive.

·         Interactive Voice Response process and flow re-engineering.

·         Outbound automation, Multi-Media Messaging, Quality Assurance and management, Workforce Management and resource plan re-engineering.

·         Project Management.

·         Business decision support services.

·         Quality Assurance methodology & process support.

·         Knowledge management process, application support and case based authoring.

·         E-Mail response management consulting and process support.

·         Resource training and human capital development.

·         Resource Planning methodology sup-port

·         QA methodology & process support

·         Resource Training and Human Capital Development

·         Contact Centre Reporting and Consolidated dashboard design


Our Technology enablement business delivers Contact Centre Technology, Software and peripheral products to the Customer demand in the communications ambit.

Cloud based or on premise system deployment is easily and efficiently deployed and supported either locally at our Meersig Campus where our teams of technologists, software developers and engineers build be-spoke VoIP, IVR, Quality and Resource Planning applications customised for the specific client need.


·         Cloud Based – Multi-Media Unified Customer Interaction Centres

·         Automatic Call Distribution systems (ACD’s) (Collab Cloud)

·         Interactive Voice Response Hardware and Software (IVR’s)

·         Voice Logging and Quality Assurance Hardware and Software (Loggers)

·         Speech Analytics – QA & Compliance

·         Call Centre Headsets, SIP phones, IP Phones, Cordless Headsets

·         Predictive Dialler Hardware and Software

·         Knowledge Management Software Applications

·         Workforce Management Application Hardware and Software (Collab Workforce Management)

·         Social Media Management and Monitoring tools

·         Altocloud Web Interaction Management tools