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Customer Experience Management

Cloud BPaaS, Customer Experience Management, and Contact Centre Management Outsourcing

We LISTEN, we UNDERSTAND, and we DELIVER, translating your business and CX objectives into meaningful outcomes in line with your strategic digital and modern workplace strategy which compliments and enhances your business.

CX Management

Our adoption of the modern workplace is your benefit of enjoying state of the art power applications, communication suites and technologies that revolutionise legacy communication channels giving you everything you need when it comes to providing the ideal interaction channel for your customers, whether that be via voice, chat, web collaboration/self-service or email.
activCX touches every part of our customers value chain, whether via their Microsoft Teams channels, ERP/CRM applications or bespoke communication delivery channels.



activCX, BPaaS, the flagship of the iBridge brand, is our answer to customers calling for managed and/or outsourced customer experience and interaction management. Flexibility and agility are our key attributes in meeting the demand generation. On-premises, work from home (WFH), or hybrid, we will deliver the customer engagement model that best suits your digital strategy and delivery ambitions.

Consumption Based Services

Consumption-based services spearhead our approach allowing our customers to consume only what they need when they need it.
iBridge delivers a virtually unlimited scope of capacity for businesses needing to meet their customer service, sales, and retention demands.

Cloud Services

Global, best of breed, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, cloud services are our go-to model and delivery medium. Technology enablers in the cloud offer flexibility, scalability, redundancy, and power of cloud computing to execute reliable, always on communication stacks that redefine efficiency and productivity.

Outbound CX Management

  • Customer welcome service
  • Customer courtesy call services
  • Customer satisfaction indexes
  • Customer retention drives
  • Database cleaning
  • Customer telemarketing service
  • Direct sales and administration

Inbound CX Management

  • Capacity overflow - customer service
  • Customer service front-line
  • Service desk and help-desk
  • Directory inquiry services and concierge
  • Financial advisory and support services.

Blended CX Management

  • Business continuity – disaster recovery contact center (functional or dormant)
  • Customer care and retention
  • Dispute management

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