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The following information speaks to our vision of a fully distributed BPaaS Cloud Architecture for true enablement of the virtual cloud agent managing Customer Service and/or service Desk in the cloud in the Modern Workplace.​
In close partnership with our sister company Compute Corporate Technology Solutions, we are able to specialise in BPaaS Cloud Solutions and Technologies.


Compute Corporate Technology Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Virtual Contact Centre Vision

Historically Compute has enjoyed a leading business edge through service and technology innovation in the cloud. Our Gold Partnership with Microsoft has enabled us to stay at the forefront of the Digital Transformation curve enabling us to transition existing and new customers to the modern ways of working.

That said, we have remained alive to the ever-changing business and technology landscapes. Our “Connected CX” initiative is spearheading our relentless drive towards meeting the new age head on. In “Connected CX” our customers enjoy the security of iBridge, their trusted partner being alongside them as we collectively navigate the new realms of efficiency, productivity and price point improvement realised through:

AI Intelligence
Big Data
Internet of Things
Machine Learning

The Changing modern Workplace

According to Microsoft, the way in which organizations work has evolved. Both work styles and the workforce are becoming more and more diverse.


Mobile and Social

  • 45% use social tools at work
  • 4x as many devices per user.



    5 Generations together in the workplace. 72% of workers will be remotely by 2020. 


    Team based and Collaborative

    2% as many teams.
    80% employee time is spent collaborating. 

    Desktop Virtualisation

    Our proudly South African Desktop Virtualisation and Centralised Client Technology; XCFrontier, bears testament to our commitment in delivering leading edge toolsets that enable true cloud efficiency and security. Our technology matures each day in keeping with our customer demand.

    XCFrontier is our Client Standard for accessing cloud services at the desktop. This desktop replacement technology is our competitive edge in reducing the cost of deploying the agent workplace and rendering us more competitive in the cloud contact centre and service desk environments.

    XCFrontier’s deep competency and an adaptable architecture enables efficiency in meeting the demands of the ever-changing workplace, through role-based user profile applications or full desktop access.

    XCFrontier technology is engineered for security and certified through Microsoft to FIPS 140-2 and related criteria. Granular port level protection reduces risk of data loss and averts undesirable attacks.

    XCFrontier mobilises and empowers the modern-day workforce, delivering user friendly applications and desktops to any device allowing workers to be productive anywhere and at any time.

    SpiderSilk Partner (Sub-Saharan Africa)

    SpiderSilk is re-imagining threat detection from a multi-solution, resource intensive proposition today, to an automated, intelligent, cost-effective & easy to deploy modern solution. iBridge and spiderSilk help organizations identify, manage and protect their attack surfaces, without the need for multiple solutions

    Modern Desktop Hardware and Tech

    Headsets and peripherals (Trenic Industries) Approved reseller.

    Cloudgate Terminal Desktop Replacement Devices (Cloudgate or Compute Corporate Technology Solutions).

    Video Conferencing solutions (Compute Corporate Technology Solutions) and/or Trenic).

    Voice Recording Solutions – Cloud based (Call Cabinet).

    Modern Workplace Software Enablement

    Microsoft – Power Apps – Teams – SharePoint (Modern Workplace) – Compute Corporate Technology Solutions.

    SMARTZ Cloud Contact Centre – SMARTZ Solutions

    Enghouse Interactive Omni-Channel Contact Centers, Omni-channel contact center solutions, provide a comprehensive, integrated toolbox for managing multiple interactions across a variety of channels, letting customers choose how they want to communicate via email, IM, video, web, phone, or social.

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